Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick Update - 6 months on

6 months on.

house to starting to look lived in...carpet is getting a bit worn, a few dents and chips in the paint. got a local handyman to finish off the landscape next to our driveway - will post a picture in the next few days.

have one crack in the plaster in my lounge room near one of the downlights - figure I will patch it myself when I have time off during Xmas.

had an issue with one of the windows - builder was quick to get the window company to fix, unfortunately in fixing it, the guy broke one of the roof tiles. fortunately a handyman was able to fix it in 2 minutes after I spent 20 minutes stuffing around trying to replace the broken tile - turns out all the roof tiles are nailed in to prevent them flying off in high wind.

my next problem is the landscaper who left a couple of things unfinished. saw him twice on another job he was working on nearby and got all sorts of assurances "we'll come back and fix it". the last time was in August, since then I have left multiple phone messages and emails with no replies! I am ready to lodge a complaint with Consumer Affairs.

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