Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick Update - 6 months on

6 months on.

house to starting to look lived in...carpet is getting a bit worn, a few dents and chips in the paint. got a local handyman to finish off the landscape next to our driveway - will post a picture in the next few days.

have one crack in the plaster in my lounge room near one of the downlights - figure I will patch it myself when I have time off during Xmas.

had an issue with one of the windows - builder was quick to get the window company to fix, unfortunately in fixing it, the guy broke one of the roof tiles. fortunately a handyman was able to fix it in 2 minutes after I spent 20 minutes stuffing around trying to replace the broken tile - turns out all the roof tiles are nailed in to prevent them flying off in high wind.

my next problem is the landscaper who left a couple of things unfinished. saw him twice on another job he was working on nearby and got all sorts of assurances "we'll come back and fix it". the last time was in August, since then I have left multiple phone messages and emails with no replies! I am ready to lodge a complaint with Consumer Affairs.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Further pictures

We finally got our plantation shutter courtesy of The Blind Factory.

We signed up with another group way back in January and they were supposed to deliver in March/April. Admittedly we got a very good deal but there was a lot of nonsense like the company going into administration etc - turns out they are still operating. I managed to recoup my deposit and then place our business with The Blind Factory - very happy with the quality and delivering in the time frame as promised. PD Customers get a decent discount.

My lesson from the experience is sometimes the cheapest can leave you very frustrated - you pay for what you get. Even though we paid a bit more than we would anticipated, we are happy with the results.

view of the backyard. We have a lot of artificial turf in both the front and back. no hassles with mowing and allergies.

Below is the view of the front

Next our feature wall, water feature and a couple of terracotta pots. I need to do a little clean up on the water feature as the concretors left a bit of cement residue on it.

Finally a view of the house from the front. We got the porch "stackstoned" as we didn't like what the builder have left us. fortunately our landscaper was pretty capable and did the stack stone.

I would say 95% of the work is done - the balance of little things will occupy me between now and summer. will look to oil the merbau decking and fencing in the period leading up to Spring.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Landscape Works

some view of the backyard and decking.

water feature. there will be stackstone mounted onto the blueboard.

a view from the decking

crushed rock laid.

on top of the crushed rock we are putting in artificial grass.

concretors will be in tomorrow and will finish at the end of week. remaining landscape work will be done over the next week - hopefully most of it will be done before we move in. not planning to move in until the concrete is cured and majority of the landscape work is done. have had to delay our move a week or so to allow for all this.
meanwhile extra electrical work has been done - lights and extra electrical points fitted.. majority of towel rails and rings fitted. had to put together a bit more furniture and move in all the small things.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Delayed Post

House was handed over on 26 March.

The next day we flew off to the Gold Coast for a short family holiday.

Picked up a minor fault - when the glass was replaced on the bi-fold doors and the wood replaced, one of the panels was cracked. It was agreed that it would be rectified at the 3 month maintenance check.

Total Build took 228 days - 42 days within the contract.

our landscapers will be in after Easter. Our Landscaper is coordinating with the concretor so less stress on us. Hopefully all done in 3 weeks time and we can proceed to move in.

Monday, March 22, 2010

PCI and Handover

I had the PCI with the Site Supervisor today.

Just a couple of things:
1. rusty hinges on front door (result of the brick layer's acid wash) - only picked it up when I went to check how to open the double doors.
2. couple of dents and nicks on various walls
3. couple of holes in the pantry shelving
4. family room bi-fold doors needed a touch up after glaziers had replaced the glass.
5. two of the robe doors needed to be sanded down and repainted

fortunately nothing major - handover to take place on Friday.

now for the hard part - getting the office to fix up the invoices. I will get onto them tomorrow.

Friday, March 19, 2010

PCI Finally

Some views from Thursday morning when the painter was around and I was able to get into the house and have a look around.

Got call from the SS - PCI appointment is Monday 8am.

bad news is that my bank is dragging their heels and the earliest they can process cheque is Tuesday. Also still need to sort out outstanding invoices which I have had NO response from my CSC. Which means even if PCI goes off without a hitch - It will be later in the week before we have settle.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Occupancy Permit received

Good news on several fronts -

occupancy permit was received today which I needed to forward to the bank to get the final payment organised.

paint touch ups appear to have been done.

scratched glass has been replaced.


after the glass was replaced - there are a couple of areas that need to be touched up like the bi-fold doors because there are a couple of chips.

wall lights have been installed the wrong way - they were installed vertically instead of horizontally - this will mean another paint touch-up after it is corrected.

now just waiting for the phone call for the PCI.